A Mole's Life

For Ludum Dare #29


Arrow keys: Move
Space: Dig, Attack, Catch, Let go
E: Eat caught worm


A Mole's Life was my very first attempt at participating at the popular game jam, Ludum Dare. It's a very simplistic simulator of a female mole's life, based on a children's documentary I watched as soon as I found out about the theme: Beneath the Surface

For someone without any prior mole experience, this game may be very hard, frustrating and confusing. I was already very busy to get it made within the 48-hour time limit, and unfortunately could only put limited efforts into the usability. Part of the (intended) challenge is, though, to figure out this world, and to come up with a good strategy to survive as long as possible. And yes, you probably have to die a horrible death to understand the underlying mechanics and develop a strategy to master them.

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